A little about our sustainability project: 

Each Kapalina is designed to break the barriers of present jewelry trends. Kapalina knows that a world with less consumption is a better world.

Kapalina makes sure to recycle the most. Sustainability is an important pillar to the designer, and we make our best so that all of the materials we use are recycled. A Zero waste approach is important to us so that none of the materials we use go to waste. If we don't use it for one piece, we will use it for the other one. 

Another vital thing within our designs is mindless consumption. We want to make sure, every piece you buy you can wear it forever, and pass it down to generations as a form of art

We produce all of our designs locally, and we support local small businesses by printing with them and packaging, if we all strive for a better world, we will be able to reduce carbon footprint.