Sabrina Gonzalez, born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela is the founder and head designer of Kapalina Jewelry. After pursuing her studies in Communication  and Entrepreneurship, at Rollins College, she moved to Miami to grow her dream - Kapalina. 

Sabrina's passion for jewelry circles way back, when she lived in Venezuela. With a keen sense for all things fashion and jewelry, Sabrina started designing jewelry back in 2018, as a personal project. She names her jewelry Kapalina. Ka`pa~li~na translates into her name, Sabrina, in the Hawaiian language. Based in the sunny city of Miami, Kapalina's designs all feature crafty, colorful and unique designs which embody the Miami vibe.

In 2021, Sabrina was awarded an O1 Visa, "Extraordinary ability by sustained national or international acclaim", as an Artisanal Jewelry Designer. This opportunity will help her achieve her dreams in the jewelry business, career r success in the United States.